Tumbling Classses

Tumbling classes are for students 5-17

Tumbling is the foundation for gymnastics and is important for cheerleading, ice skating and enhances other sports. From cartwheels to back flips, students learn following progressions as core skills for correct and successful learning.


Our training facilty, lesson plans and coaches allow for safe learning progressions for beginner to advanced tumbling in an positive atmosphere.


This class does not work on vault, bars, or beam.


Beginner Tumbling 

1 hour class, focused on learning the basic skills needed to prepare for back and front handsprings.


Intermediate Tumbling 

1 hour class focused on learning and mastering backhandsprings and front handsprings and drills for standing back tucks, front tucks and running tumbling.


Advanced Tumbling 

1 hour class focused on running tumbling, standing back tucks, front tucks.

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