Preschool classes

1 hour Boys and Girls Ages 3-5

Classes are broken into levels based on ability.

Classes start with a warm up, 2 event rotations and a fun finish. Instructors keep kids moving and heart rates high with little wait time for cardio fitness.

For children 3 to 5 years old, our teacher-directed preschool program requires they not only have the social skills to take turns with other students but also follow the directions of the teacher without the parent. Our specially designed curriculum is used to provide a safe and progressive approach to learning that gives your child many opportunities to succeed and be praised

3's preschool 45 minute class


Preschool beginner one hour class


Must complete beginner, call front desk or stop by today to reegister for intermediate and advanced classes


Preschool Intermediate - 1 hour class

Preschool Advanced - 1 hour class


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