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2020-2021 Classes

August 3, 2020-July 31, 2021


Our gymnastics classes teach children what it means to focus and work hard to accomplish goals, and that sometimes things you can't imagine being able to achieve become easy when you put in the time and effort!


Monthly tuition 

45 minute class $65

1 hour class $75


$45 registration fee

register during June/July and your registration fee will be good through July 2021

Select Class Below for Descriptions and class schedules

 Parent Involved classes - ages walking-  3 years


Kids Progressive - ages 3-5 years


Girls Progressive- ages 5-18years (5yr olds must be in Kindergarten)


Boys Progressive- ages 5-18 years (5yr olds must be in Kindergarten)


Homeschool classes- ages 4-12 years


Tumbling Classes- ages 5-18 years (5yr olds must be in Kindergarten)


Fun and Fit Gymnastics curriculum 

Lesson planning using appropriate curriculum progressions (teaching step-by-step) is the standard for teaching gymnastics safely, and here at Southern our classes do just that with our Fun & Fit Gymnastics curriculum, a state of the art lesson planning system.

 Fun & Fit curriculum utilizes 1,000 games, drills and teaching progressions to make learning safer and more successful for students than ever before. 

Curriculum Poster Reward System

Our Poster Reward System provides students ages 3 and older with short term and long range achievable goals.  Students earn rewards for learning new skills in a safe and sequential order while parents easily monitor their child's progress.  The system also serves as a foundation for structuring classes based on both age and level.


Children receive a curriculum poster when enrolling that lists the skills they will be working on.  There is a different poster for each level of our program and each poster contains gymnastics skills appropriate for your child's ability level.  The skills at each level have been broken down into achievable steps, so that children learn quickly and experience success often. 


Every session we have evaluation week, where the kids get to perform the new skills they've been learning.  When students perform a skill correctly 3 times in a row for their instructor, they get that skill checked off on their curriculum card.  After evaluations it is STAR DAY where all students who passed skills will be given stars to take home and put on their poster - a star for each skill passed.   The kids are often most proud of the skills they worked hardest to pass.


Once students pass all of the skills on their poster, they are invited to ring the bell, awarded a Certificate, and a photo with their instructor is taken and given to the students to place on their poster.  The next level poster is provided and the learning process continues.

Parents are notified in advance of their children ringing the bell and receiving their Certificate of Achievement and photo with their Instructor.  We invite all parents to share in the excitement and progress your children will experience while learning gymnastics. 

We believe that the most valuable and powerful lessons we teach your children are not limited to the skills on our posters, but include;

  • what it means to focus and work hard to accomplish goals
  • that sometimes things you can't imagine being able to achieve become easy when you put in the effort
  • that it is healthy and appropriate to experience fear or discomfort at the thought of doing something that feels risky, and that by responding to those fears by asking for help, taking it slow and in small steps, you can overcome those fears instead of giving up or quitting.
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