Parent Involved Classes

Ages 1-3 years   


PARENT INVOLVED classes are now being offered starting August 3rd!


Parent and Tot 45 minutes Boys and girls 12 months-2



The parent and tot program provides tremendous developmental benefits for children ages 12 months to approximately 2 years. Hand eye coordination, (important for writing), eye tracking (needed for reading readiness), loco motor movement skills that challenge the child’s growing mind and body, and social skills (learning to work with others, sharing, and taking turns) all make a significant impact on learning and maturity.

Parents role Instructors will lead parents to teach their toddlers in the “child directed class” where we entice children to follow organized challenges, but allow them to explore where their interest takes them (within the bounds of safety, of course)


Transition  Boys and girls ages 2-3years

 (This level is not being offered at this time, please register for a parent and tot, or KP1)



Our transition class is open to children who are almost ready to participate in our kids progressive classes. This class helps facilitate a smooth transition between the parent and tot class and the kids progressive classes. Children will develop social skills such as taking turns, and learning to participate in gymnastics class and learning to participate in gymnastics class without their parent.

Parents role Parents should expect to stay only close enough for their children to feel safe and comfortable to participate. Parents should refrain from taking on the role of teacher (as they did in our parent and tot class) and instead remain involved as little as possible and only to reinforce to their child to listen to the teacher.



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